Motor Vehicle & Traffic Law in Cherry Hill, NJ

Motor Vehicle & Traffic Law in Cherry Hill, NJ

If you have been issued tickets for motor vehicle offenses, it is extremely important that you speak with an attorney immediately. Often, fines and points aren’t the only penalties imposed on motor vehicle offenses. Penalties can also include loss of license, community service, insurance surcharges, and even jail.

There also may be collateral consequences that are not readily apparent. For example, some offenses may seem relatively harmless in New Jersey, but when interpreted by other states, including Pennsylvania, the consequences can be more severe. The worst decision you can make is to go into Court without at least speaking with an attorney.

The prosecutors represent the State and are not going to advocate on your behalf, even if you have a sympathetic explanation. Our attorneys are former prosecutors, have handled thousands of motor vehicle cases and are well versed with the latest developments in the law. You may have legitimate defenses that can justify an amendment or even an outright dismissal of the charges. Don’t risk going to Court without an experienced attorney at your side who will protect your rights and ensure you receive the best result possible.

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