The Law Offices of Cristian M. Towers

This is a general practice firm that will satisfy most needs of the average individual or small to medium sized business. While there is a focus on family law, civil litigation, personal injury and municipal court, we are confident in our ability to handle almost any issue that a person or small to medium sized company may find themselves facing.

This firm strives to erase the stereotypes that plague the profession today. We work to make every client feel as though they are friends of the firm. Clients will not wonder what is going on in their cases. Their calls will be returned in a timely fashion. Procedures will be adequately explained to them. This firm will utilize experience, candor and a personal touch to ensure that every client feels as though their matter has been handled thoroughly and efficiently to a proper conclusion.

The members of this firm will work hard, but will be able to enjoy a casual atmosphere when the circumstances permit. They will be rewarded as the firm's prosperity grows. This firm is known for its experience, its excellent work product and its fair treatment of clients and adversaries. It will become a mainstay in South Jersey and clients will be attracted based upon its reputation.

When people reference this firm, it is expected that they will comment upon the experience, thoroughness and personal attention provided to them. It is important to this firm that all of its clients feel comfortable with their understanding of what is going on with their case at all times. It is also important that each client feel as though he or she has been treated fairly in every aspect of the business relationship.

Although New Jersey has one of the highest ratios of attorneys-to-residents in the country, this firm is well based in experience and family history and stands out among others without such credentials.

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