Civil Litigation in Cherry Hill, NJ

Civil Litigation in Cherry Hill, NJ

When the smiles and handshakes turn into frowns and sharp tongued letters, a lawsuit is soon to follow. Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side to protect your interests is very important.

Our attorneys have significant experience with pursuing and defending lawsuits of all forms. They will be able to review the facts and evidence in your case and provide a candid assessment as to its weaknesses and strengths. We will ensure that you are kept aware of the status of your case at every stage. Our attorneys are mindful that litigation is an intimidating and confusing process. We can guide you through it in an effort to resolve the matter while minimizing delay and litigation expenses.

Whether it is by motion practice or alternate dispute resolution, our attorneys will develop a creative strategy to achieve favorable results efficiently. We will analyze your case from every perspective and give thoughtful advice to help guide you through the confusion. In the event the matter requires a trial, our attorneys have the experience and the courtroom presence to ensure that your case will be presented coherently and professionally.

Once judgment is obtained, our lawyers can also assist with collection efforts. We can pursue the judgment debtor with court approved discovery techniques that require compliance at the risk of incarceration. We will investigate and locate every asset possible in an effort to secure the full amount of the judgment. We will also ensure that your judgment is properly docketed, which will preserve your claim and cause it to be listed on the debtor’s credit report for 20 years or until satisfied.

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