Bankruptcy Law in Cherry Hill, NJ

Bankruptcy Law in Cherry Hill, NJ

The economic downturn has affected the entire country. People have lost jobs, vehicles, and homes as a result of this crisis. At The Law Offices of Cristian M. Towers, our attorneys will work with you to bring some stability back into your life.

Bankruptcy is a federal solution to rescue people from succumbing to overwhelming debt. It allows people a fresh start or the ability to catch up at a more reasonable pace. Filing for bankruptcy can prevent your vehicle from being repossessed, your home from being foreclosed upon, or your assets from being levied against, and the relief is immediate. Once a bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay prevents such action from being taken against you until such time as the stay is lifted.

Our attorneys will work with you and the Bankruptcy Trustee to preserve as many of your assets as the law will allow if filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If a Chapter 13 is a more appropriate solution to meet your circumstances, our lawyers will make every effort to minimize your exposure in the repayment plan.

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